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Sure there is plenty of knowledge about marine life but most of it is locked up in books that can’t be searched …

… until now!

John W. McManus
I highly recommend the “Indo Pacific Coral Finder”. I field tested it this summer in Palawan. It is very accurate and does a great job of covering the major genera and some dominant species. Every dive operation in the Indo-Pacific should have at least one (I could hardly keep it away from the resort staff), and it will help alleviate the ‘overwhelmed head-aches’ experienced by many Caribbean researchers when they first visit these high-diversity areas. It is not as comprehensive as Veron’s encyclopedic “Corals of the World” on which it is based, but is infinitely easier to carry into the field!
Prof. John McManus, PhD – Director, National Center for Coral Reef Research (NCORE) Professor, Marine Biology and Fisheries University of Miami, USA