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For Coral Finder Workshops

The best, most well presented, useful, resource rich, and importantly, entertaining workshop I have done in 20 years of marine science.

Peter Barnes - Marine Program Coordinator, Ningaloo Marine Park, Exmouth Western Australia

I personally really enjoyed the course, as it was very informative, useful, stimulating, interactive and interesting! I would highly recommend the course to any person interested in or working with corals; it brings motivation to learn more and go diving!

Katarina Damjanovic - Australian Institute of Marine Science
Colette Gibbings

It hands down was the most interesting, engaging and intriguing course I have ever been on – so thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into it! The course is already being put to use at work and at home to help me identify both living and coral skeletons.

Colette Gibbings - Qualified Keeper – Aquatics, BUGS Department, ZSL London Zoo

A very big thank you for all your expertise and knowledge you shared with us! The course was an absolute blast and I loved every bit of it! I’ve been practicing my ID with photos nearly every night.

Carine Lefevre - Australian Institute of Marine Science