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Oldies but Goodies

BYO Guides is proud to present the very best in coral identification audiovisual learning… leftovers. This page contains a selection of videos that should be deleted but aren’t. Check out “60 seconds” for a laugh and “Tips and Tricks” for some very useful workflow err.. ahh… tips and tricks.

How to use the Coral Finder

(Duration: 10 minutes)

Check out the videos below for an introduction to using the Coral Finder underwater. (Note: the free coral identification video training course can be found at the Coral Hub.) The Coral Finder takes the hassle out of learning to identify corals by taking a WYSIWYLF approach – What You See is What You Look For – this means the shape, texture or life habit of the coral in front of you drives your inquiry. The Coral Finders unique visual logic system then sends you to a page of Look-Alikes and our eyes and brain (the onboard visual super computer) do the rest. Check out the workshop results for people using the Coral Finder – even complete novices are empowered within an hour.


60 seconds with the Indo Pacific Coral Finder

(Duration: 60 seconds)

Check out this light hearted introduction to identifying hard corals using the Indo Pacific Coral Finder below.

Tips, tricks & accessories

(Duration: 6 minutes)

The following tips and tricks video captures our preferred workflow for underwater convenience but is by no means the only way to use the Coral Finder – feel free to let us know how you put all this underwater goodness to use!