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For the Reef Finder

I have the Reef Finder in my hands. Beautiful work!!!. Congratulations for this new achievement. Excellent for educational purposes and it will be very useful for any diver.

Dr. E. Alberto Rodríguez-Ramírez, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Global Change Institute, The University of Queensland


Professor Paul W. Sammarco, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON)

Received the Reef Finder yesterday. It’s simply wonderful! If I was a beginner diver, it’s exactly what I would wish to have. So much instant learning in such a small package. So practical and quite frankly, magical – opening the mysteries of the underwater world in 51 pages!

Juergen Freund & Stella Freund - Freund Factory Photography

The Reef Finder approach is unique for a printed product and matches the way a conversation goes with a reef visitor over something they saw and are describing it.

Chris Jones, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

I really feel that the Reef Finder will shine in an educational setting were students undertaking scuba and snorkelling activities are able to participate more inclusively.

Rickard Abom, PADI Master Instructor 15 years experience / 1000+ students trained.

I have had fun with the Reef Finder trying to imagine that I didn’t know answers. I think it will be great for my invertebrate lab.

Selina Ward, Coordinator Stanford in Australia Program, Biological Sciences, The University of Queensland