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The Reef Finder is a searchable smart guide to reef life that you can use underwater or topside. Finally – a way to explore, learn or teach while you are diving.

Winner Whitley Award 2015Winner Best Illustrated Guide, 2015 Whitley Book Awards, Royal Zoological Society of NSW.

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  • ~A5 (21cm x 16cm / 8 1/4” x6 1/4”) fits in BCD pocket
  • 360 gm / 12.7 oz
  • polypropylene – corrosion free
  • clear protective front cover
  • robust protective back cover – doubles as dive slate with 2 holes
  • spiral bind

Care and Feeding:

There is nothing harsher on field equipment than tropical sun and salt water, so here are some tips for keeping your BYOGUIDE in good shape:

  • do wash your guide in fresh water after diving – open each page in turn and towel dry before storage
  • do not leave your guide exposed to sunlight for extended periods
  • do not allow sand to lodge between the pages as it will scratch the ink finish
  • do not allow direct contact with chemicals: petrol, sunscreen, insect repellent etc.
  • do not allow heavy weights to crush the spiral binding e.g. SCUBA tanks