Coral Finder Accessory Kit

Watch the kit in action in the Tips, Tricks and Accessories video

Watch the kit in action in the Tips, Tricks and Accessories video

The Coral Finder Accessory Kit contains three essential workflow add-ons in one convenient cost-effective package. Read on for a complete description or watch the kit in action in the Tips, Tricks and Accessories video.

The kit includes:

  1. A stainless steel spring hook for adjusting the buoyancy of the Coral Finder and attaching the Coral Finder to your dive vest.
  2. A robust non-corroding magnifying glass with built in high magnification window.
  3. A plastic clutch pencil suited to use underwater.

Buoyancy control

Buoyancy control is the key to responsible and enjoyable diving and so it is with any tool you choose to use underwater. Because the Coral Finder is used by snorkelers, divers, aquarists and lab classes BYOGUIDES has made buoyancy control of the Coral Finder an option so you only pay for it if you need it.

Stainless steel spring hook for attachment and counter weight. 8mm x 80mm Spring hook – 316 stainless steel ~62gms

Use this convenient, long life stainless steel spring hook to attach the Coral Finder to your dive vest and to act as a counter weight making the Coral Finder slightly negative buoyant. Note: by design the Coral Finder is slightly postively buoyant – a necessary requirement for snorkel use. Keep this spring hook handy on your BCD for use when diving with the Coral Finder. It serves both as a point of attachment but also, when clipped to the Coral Finder on its own, as the perfect counterweight to make it slightly negative buoyant. Slight negatively buoyancy is the best for working SCUBA divers.

The spring clip can be used to attach things to the Coral Finder and the Coral Finder to you!

Seeing is believing (and learning)

Being a visual tool, the Coral Finder does place an emphasis on the detail of the corals you are identifying. (Remember visual confirmation is a lot better than confirmation via a degree in latin.) The accessory magnifyer is not just for people who need a hand with their eyesight – it’s the best way to get a look at the close up detail that is the bread and butter of coral identification.

Acrylic bi-focal magnifyer

Acrylic bi-focal magnifyer (4X with 8X window)

Sporting a high quality bifocal acrylic lens, use this magnifyer to inspect and confirm the characters of the corals you are interviewing underwater or topside! The main magnifyer is 4X and also has a built in 8X window. Keep it in your BCD pocket – scratch resistant and does not rust.

Take the data home

The Coral Finder Accessory Kit also includes a humble plastic clutch pencil that gets the job done.

Plastic mechanical pencil. Cheap, cheerful and lose-able!

Never get caught underwater with a broken pencil ever again. It works well, doesn’t rust and is cheap! If you loose one on a dive you wont cry.

Serving suggestion

OK –  here  is how it all works together. Before the dive place the heavy duty rubber band around the Coral Finder to hold it closed with the front / back protective covers outermost. Attach the stainless spring hook to one of the holes on the bottom of the Coral Finder AND to your BCD. Now you can dive hands free and the Coral Finder will just trail, closed and protected, by your side until you need it. When you want to use the Coral Finder just remove the rubber band and store it around you wrist for quick access.

When it comes to how best to use the pencil and magnifier there are two schools of thought. Some people like to tie them on with string, while others hate anything that can tangle underwater with a passion and prefer to stow them close to hand. Personally I am not a string person and so I store the clutch pencil inside the spiral binding of the Coral Finder and my magnifier in my BCD pocket. The alternative is to just use some string to attach them to your person. This requires that you drill a hole in the handle of the magnifier. It’s a big decision I know – but don’t blame me if you lose your pencil!

Care & feeding

The Coral Finder is a robust underwater book designed and tested for the harsh life equipment experiences on dive trips in the tropics. At the end of your dive trip just wash it in fresh water and dry it like you would your dive gear.

People who work underwater (dive masters, survey teams, scientists and students) will recognise that the Coral Finder may well be one of the first tools actually designed from the bottom up (;-) for underwater use. From the innovative visual logic to the inbuilt protective covers and coatings BYOGUIDES has made every effort to bring the benefits gained from decades of underwater experience.

Tips, tricks & accessories

The following tips and tricks video captures our preferred workflow for underwater convenience but is by no means the only way to use the Coral Finder – feel free to let us know how you put all this underwater goodness to use!