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Version 3.0 Improvements

We’ve trained hundreds of people to identify corals in workshops held all over the world. In the process we’ve learnt a lot and distilled it into the refined and improved Coral Finder 3.0.

20,000 pictures to find 200

We took 10,000 pictures to find 100 …

For Coral Finder 3.0 we focussed on improvements in coverage and learning logic. That’s why we combine our training workshops across the Indo Pacific with photographic expeditions to extend our unique visual approach to coral ID. We took over 10,000 images to find 100 perfect ones to refine the coverage of the 3rd Edition.

20,000 pictures to find 200

Power start…

The Coral Finder makes coral identification practical and fun, but it can be a little daunting for the beginner. So we have created the ultimate recipe for beginners by providing 2 hours of FREE world class video training. Packed with tips and tricks gleaned by the author over 30 years of diving, these videos reveal the secrets of coral identification using simple follow-along video instruction. The videos, available in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, and downloadable self testing resources are available for free in our learning centre. Even better BYOGUIDES supports your investment by providing a free downloadable eBook – the Corallator – that summarises changes to coral taxonomy as they occur. Go to the BYOGUIDES learning centre…

Training Movies

More coral ID goodness

Coral Finder 3.0 not only has better coverage but now includes an introduction to species ID and a completely redesigned topside focussed workflow.

Coral ID now and in the future

Coral Finder 3.0 now recommends users focus on taking images as the basis of their coral ID. Testing shows corals identified from images after the dive deliver better results than in-water ID with the added benefit of the images being available for future review. Coral Finder 3.0 is printed on a heavy plastic laminated card. It’s water resistant (though not designed to be taken underwater) and can be used with wet hands in the lab, on boats and around the aquarium.

Coral ID now and in the future

Species ID

Feedback shows that many of our users use the Coral Finder as a stepping stone to species level coral ID. That’s why Coral Finder 3.0 includes a new 2 page introduction to species identification!

Coping with Corals: Coral Finder 3.0 includes a new 2 page introduction to species identification

Improved coverage

Extensive training in the Coral Triangle has informed the expanded scope of the Coral Finder 3.0’s visual coverage. This extra texture improves the Coral Finder’s visual logic to better capture the variation in shape and form of 70 hard coral genera – even in the centre of biodiversity itself.

Improved Coverage

Exquisite 2-shots

Nothing shows the difference between two similar corals better than perfect side-by-side field photos. Coral Finder 3.0 includes exquisite two-shots that take the guess work out of separating problem groups of corals underwater.

Exquisite 2-shots

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