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Coral Finder

The World’s best coral field guide just got better.

The 2nd edition of the underwater book that took the mystery out of coral identification is now available. The Indo Pacific Coral Finder will change the way you work underwater by giving you instant genus level coral ID anywhere between the Red Sea and Easter Island. Check out the improvements here!

What is it?

The world’s first comprehensive coral ID guide that you can actually take underwater.

What does it do?

Lets the untrained diver identify corals to genus level regardless of growth form. Links to topside resources for post dive learning.

How does it work?

Use the simple Visual Navigation system to select a page of “best bets” for what your coral might be. Now your choice is simple and easy to confirm. All ID’s cross reference back to Corals of the World for post dive follow up to species level.

Who is it for?

Everyone! – recreational divers, dive instructors, dive boats and businesses, snorkelers, reef walkers, students, naturalists, scientists.

Why should I buy it?

Because it works 😉 and it has a free complete video training course (in English and in Bahasa Indonesian).

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With the Coral Finder you can identify corals by choosing what they look like!

Coral Finder Features

How it works

The answer to the question “What coral is that?” is in your head – literally. Your eyes and brain are the world’s most powerful supercomputer capable of solving complex visual problems instantly. Traditional field guides put text between you and the answer – and text needs to be interpreted. The Coral Finder reduces the problem of identifying corals to a series of simple visual choices. Read on… it’s as simple as 1,2,3!! “Watch the movie!

Indo Pacific Coral Finder How it works


The Look-alike page

The Coral Finder creates a choice matrix for at-a-glance decision making where it really matters underwater. Just scan the page and “see” the answer!

Indo Pacific Coral Finder Look-a-like Page


The Coral Finder takes the confusion out of learning coral identification with a simplified glossary of terms. Culled from the hundreds in use by professional taxonomists the Coral Finder only tells what you need to know to get the job done.

Reverse engineering

So you have a coral that doesn’t quite fit what you see on your Look-Alike page. Crisis? What crisis? Just use the genus index to track it down among the Coral Finder’s other growth forms. It’s called reverse engineering, you can do it underwater, and we don’t mind a bit!

Indo Pacific Coral Finder Glossary


The Coral Finder makes coral identification practical and easy by using WYSIWYLF
What You See Is What You Look For! Instead of memorising thousands of images and names in your head you just look up the shape and the Coral Finder gives you a simple matrix of best bets to choose from. Simple – just the way we like it.

Indo Pacific Coral Finder ID
Indo Pacific Coral Finder Links

Care and feeding

The Coral Finder is protected by a clear polypropylene cover and 2mm back board. The back board can be used as a slate and for attachment points.

After your dive trip just wash the Coral Finder along with the rest of your dive gear, then dry the pages with a towel.

Indo Pacific Coral Finder in the Field

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