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Welcome to BYOGUIDES home to the unique FINDER series of next generation underwater ID tools for divers, dive companies, naturalists, resource managers & marine professionals. The BYOGUIDES series can be used without training or formal biological knowledge. They are designed to empower the next generation of divers to explore the underwater world for themselves – to BE YOUR OWN GUIDE – literally.

BYO GUIDES make state-of-the-art knowledge accessible underwater through an innovative VISUAL INDEX system that empowers you to identify marine beasties where it really counts – UNDERWATER. Think of BYO GUIDES as robustly tested visual decision tools.  Visual tools free people from the tyranny of text and assumed knowledge. You don’t need a university degree to have a great eye for detail and that’s all you need to use a BYOGUIDE.  Our mission is to empower you to take advantage of the supercomputer you take on every dive – the human eye and brain. With a BYOGUIDE you can make powerful decisions visually without reference to text or formal knowledge in the first instance.

The benefits of BYOGUIDES aren’t limited to giving you the name of marine creature you saw underwater. Now you can look it up using your favourite topside knowledge resource for post-dive learning.