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Reef Finder Acknowledgements:

Author: Russell Kelley
Publisher: BYO Guides,
Communication design: Russell Kelley
Principal photography: Phil Woodhead, Rachel Pears
Scientific editor: Rachel Pears
Design: Andreas Wagner, Cool Planet Design

The following donated images, time, expertise or tears of blood to bring the Reef Finder to life: Phil Alderslade, Ian Bell, Chico Birrell, Mike Cappo, Daniela Ceccarelli, Richard Fitzpatrick, Commonwealth of Australia GBRMPA, Lisa Gerschwin, Jennifer Goldner, Tim Harvey, Anne Hoggett, John Huisman, Mike Van Keulen, Warren Lee Long, Andy Lewis, Gerald McCormack, Kirsten Michalek-Wagner, Paul Muir, John Pandolfi, Christine Schoenberg, Julian Sprung, Lyle Squire, Roger Steene, Kevin Tilbrook, David Wachenfeld.

Australian Coral Reef SocietySupported by the Australian Coral Reef Society

Coral Finder Acknowledgements:

The Coral Finder could not have happened without the support of Charlie Veron and Mary Stafford-Smith who made available images from Corals of the World. Charlie is a true visionary and the Coral Finder is dedicated to extending his life’s work and passionate advocacy for coral reefs. Another special credit goes to the Australian Coral Reef Society (ACRS), the oldest organisation in the world concerned with the study and protection of coral reefs. The ACRS supported the early development of the Coral Finder when no-one else would. To Charlie, Mary and the ACRS – thank you. The following people donated images or time to bring the Coral Finder to life: Ken Anthony, Chico Birrell, Clay Bryce, Lyndon Devantier, Frances Dipper, Ryan Donnelly, Doug Fenner, Richard Fitzpatrick, Kate Green, Steve Green, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Anne Hoggett, Andy Lewis, Ed Lovell, Jim Maragos, Justin Marshall, Kirsten Michalek-Wagner, Paul Muir, Kirsty Nash, Annika Noreen, John Pandolfi, Gustav Pauley, Rachel Pears, Morgan Pratchett, Marie Roman, Gavin Ryan, Qamar Schuyler, Brett Shorthouse, Lyle Squire, Roger Steene, Loraini Sivo, Keoki Stender, Emre Turak, Lyle Vail, Tony van Merwyk, Ron Vave, Andreas Wagner, Carden Wallace, Selina Ward, Jackie Wolstenholme, Elizabeth Wood, Phil Woodhead, Len Zell.

Australian Coral Reef SocietySupported by the Australian Coral Reef Society